Variety Pack

Flagship Variety Pack

Cherry Pop | United Sodas of America
Strawberry Basil | United Sodas of America
Extra Peach | United Sodas of America
Orange Nectarine | United Sodas of America
Young Mango | United Sodas of America
Lemon Verbena | United Sodas of America
Pear Elderflower | United Sodas of America
Gingery Ale | United Sodas of America
Sour Blueberry | United Sodas of America
Toasted Coconut | United Sodas of America
White Grape | United Sodas of America
Blackberry Jam | United Sodas of America

You found it, the prettiest pack on the block. This rainbow box is for those who don't want to decide but do want to savor every flavor.

In this 12-pack, you'll get one can of each United Sodas flavor. Keep them, share them, or gift them to someone who needs a little color in their fridge and a little flavor in their life.

Premium Flavors
Organically Sweetened
No Artificial Sweeteners

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Variety Pack

"Maybe the best sodas ever? This is *FUN* in a box. F is for friends who do stuff together, U is for you and me, N is for anywhere and anytime at all, down here in the deep blue... oh and all the flavors are tasty and the matte texture of the cans is strangely interesting."


"This is the best flavored soda I’ve ever had. Very unique flavors and there isn’t one of them that I don’t like."


"Love them! The best part of our fridge. These are incredible"


"Tasty suds for your buds! Tastes great and is a great alternative to water/soda/seltzer."



  • Simply click the cart icon in the top right corner and you'll see a place to add a gift note for your order. Don't forget to include who it's from before proceeding to checkout. We'll place your note inside the package.

  • "Regular" flavors are a dime a dozen and often have chemical stabilizers that make them taste artificial. Our flavors are all proprietary recipes, made with hand-picked ingredients derived directly from nature. United Sodas are then pasteurized to retain their natural freshness without the chemicals.

  • After years of taste testing and perfecting, we found that 30-35 calories is the goldilocks number that allows our soda to be naturally flavored and organically sweetened without the chemicals or that weird fake sweetener taste.

  • If you're of legal drinking age, yes. Any of our flavors make a great mixer or cocktail ingredient. Cheers!

  • Yes, yes and yes! Simple as that.

  • We have no caffeine in our sodas because we wanted to make sure everyone of all ages and preferences can live on the wild side and drink one whenever they'd like. Crack one open at 9 PM!