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Young Mango

Sm000000th mango with passionfruit vibes. This one's tropical to level 💯— a flavor straight from a future with no rules, only chill.
Young Mango nutritional information
30 Calories
Organically Sweetened
Nothing Artificial
$34.99 $34.99
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"These sodas taste as good as they look <3"

Anita, 28, TX

"I just can't pick a favorite. I tried the Variety Pack and it's the flavor roulette I didn't know I needed."

Pete, 22, CO

"I’ve been searching for a soda flavor like blackberry jam and I can finally say my dreams have come true."

Caro, 30, NY

"Thank you United Sodas. Now I can stop pretending to like sparkling water."

Peter, 42, VA

"Soda for 30 calories? Sold."

Brandi, 35, KY

"I stopped drinking soda in 1985. Now here I am, drinking cherry pop as if I were a kid again."

Steve, 79, OR


  • After two years of taste testing and perfecting, we found that 30 calories is the goldilocks number that allows our soda to be naturally flavored and organically sweetened without the chemicals or that weird fake sweetener taste.

  • "Regular" flavors are a dime a dozen and often have chemical stabilizers that make them taste artificial. Our flavors are all proprietary recipes, made with hand-picked ingredients derived directly from nature. United Sodas are then pasteurized to retain their natural freshness without the chemicals.

  • We hear you. It is completely normal to have a difficult time choosing a favorite United Sodas flavor.

    Excellent news: At United Sodas we are here for all of your soda decision needs. If you simply cannot chose, we have a handy Variety Pack with one can of each flavor so you don't have to make any decisions at all! And if you decide on a flavor but keep changing your mind, we've got that covered too, with unlimited swaps on any monthly subscription.

  • If you're of legal drinking age, yes. Any of our flavors make a great mixer or cocktail ingredient. Cheers!

  • We didn't want our soda to have that weird fake sweetener taste. So we developed a proprietary blend of three organic, plant-derived ingredients: organic stevia, organic erythritol, and organic cane sugar. We spent years blending these so they work together perfectly: a touch of cane sugar gives every can undeniably real sweetness, while erythritol and stevia boost the taste without adding unnecessary sugars or calories.

  • Yes, yes and yes! Simple as that.

  • All of our sodas are certified OU kosher pareve with the exception of White Grape (we're working on this one, stay tuned!). When shopping in-store, you can look for the OU label on our cans & packaging. Learn more about our Kosher certification journey here.

  • We have no caffeine in our sodas because we wanted to make sure everyone of all ages and preferences can live on the wild side and drink one whenever they'd like. Crack one open at 9 PM!

  • Our subscriptions are an easy, no-commitment way to ensure your fridge is always stocked!

    By selecting 'Subscribe' on any of our individual flavors or Theme Packs, you'll receive a recurring order once a month AND save 10%. We offer unlimited changes so you can swap flavors as often as you'd like for every occasion or craving. 

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