Love Bundle

Limited Edition


Looking for a gift that will delight your senses and tickle your fancies?

They say you can't buy love but we disagree. This bundle is guaranteed to ignite the night.

30 Calories
Organically Sweetened
No artificial sweeteners

A limited edition and specially curated 12-pack of soda for Valentine’s Day.

Filled with Cherry Pop, Strawberry Basil, and Extra Peach – Make the night one to remember.

With Love,
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The Love Potion


2 parts Extra Peach
1 part Orange Juice
1 part Tequila

Garnish with a peach slice and a cherry. Share responsibly.


  • Excellent news: No need to choose! We recommend everyone start with our handy Variety Pack which includes one can of each of our 12 flagship flavors.

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  • "Regular" flavors are a dime a dozen and often have chemical stabilizers that make them taste artificial. Our flavors are all proprietary recipes, made with hand-picked ingredients derived directly from nature. United Sodas are then pasteurized to retain their natural freshness without the chemicals.

  • After two years of taste testing and perfecting, we found that 30 calories is the goldilocks number that allows our soda to be naturally flavored and organically sweetened without the chemicals or that weird fake sweetener taste.

  • If you're of legal drinking age, yes. Any of our flavors make a great mixer or cocktail ingredient. Cheers!

  • Yes, yes and yes! Simple as that.

  • We have no caffeine in our sodas because we wanted to make sure everyone of all ages and preferences can live on the wild side and drink one whenever they'd like. Crack one open at 9 PM!

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